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- (June 29, 2013)
After years of being on the back of a motorcycle, Heidi makes the move to break through her fear and buck up.

Having It All

- (September 19, 2010)
The only consistent thing in life is change. How do you get all you want out of life when you only have a limited amount of time? Read how Heidi has managed the changes and challenges in her life, no matter what gets thrown her way.

Web 2.0!

- (May 07, 2010)
For those of you young enough to remember Web 1.0 - this is a recap of the early days of marketing with - and what Heidi learned, early in 2010, regarding the “new” social marketing tools.

Responsibility, Accountability And Parenthood

- (June 01, 2004)
After a few months of frustration with parenthood and life in general, Heidi has tried to gain perspective and free herself from guilt about taking time for herself. Hey, even adults go through stages!

Selfish Or Selfless...Finding The Balance

- (February 01, 2004)
Heidi is attempting to reconcile the lack of balance in juggling all the kids needs and having alone time.

Sibling Rivalry

- (December 01, 2003)
Simon and Carter have gotten along smashingly...until now. Find out what happened between the two and how Simon learned an important lesson on the value of his brother.

Power Struggles

- (November 01, 2003)
More challenges with 4 year old Simon, but Heidi has new help...a great book! Learn some tips on how to be kind and firm, use positive not punitive discipline and more.

Foot Stomping, Jive Talking...4 Year Old

- (October 01, 2003)
Oh the pleasures of a 4 year old...NOT! Heidi's son Simon has discovered a new independence and a Gandhi-like disdain for authority. If you are the kind of person who feels better when you hear stories about how other parents screw'll love this article.