A beautiful HOT day here in the Pacific Northwest. Last week I took a two-day motorcycle safety course, in the rain. I suppose if you are going to ride a motorcycle here you should learn it in the rain. What a scary and exhilarating thing to do (not the rain part...but the riding a bike part). Although buying a bike isn't on my short list, I didn't want that to stop me from taking the class and assessing whether it was a road I wanted to take. I was raised on the back of a motorcycle, as my dad drove his everywhere and it was the only transportation he would partake in unless he was forced to drive his car (ie. my mom was in a nice dress and she refused to be on the back). My brother and one of my sisters also rode but I never got around to learning. I was scared I guess - the older you get the more the fear is just accepted. Life is just too stinking short to let fear hold you back. I have two female co-workers and a very close female friend who ride and I decided to just buck up and give it a try! After two days of study and practice, I passed the written and course tests and can now legally ride a motorcycle. Buying one is not on my short list, but at least that only has to do with money, not fear.

- Heidi Dearinger

(June 29, 2013)